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Imagine you went to a Lakers game but no one was keeping score. Once the time was up, both teams came out and had to recreate from memory what had happened and add up the points to determine who had won. This is what it can be like trying to pick through a box of receipts in late March or (who are we kidding?) in September, rushing to get our tax information together.

Bookkeeping is like keeping score for your business by tracking your money – where it comes from and where it goes. Some of our clients still manage their money on a day to day basis and we just track it for them, reconciling monthly and categorizing expenses. For others, we pay their bills, invoice clients, take deposits to the bank, even run payroll. We can do as much or as little as you need, depending on your circumstances. Give us a call to talk about your needs and let us help out with the tedium that comes with bookkeeping so you can focus on what you got into business for in the first place.

Our bookkeeping services include:

Accounts Payable
•  Entering bills
•  Paying bills via check or online payments
•  Tracking your expenses for job costing and tax purposes
•  Accounts Receivable
•  Creating/Entering invoices
•  Tracking customer payments

Account Reconciliation
•  Making sure your figures are exact to the penny.

Generate Financial Statements
•  Create reports to track expenses
•  Create budgets

Track and Pay Sales/Use Tax
•  Making sure you stay in compliance with the State

Payroll Services
•  Compute and generate payroll checks or direct deposits
•  Compute and pay payroll tax deposits.
•  Quarterly and annual fling of payroll reports
•  Year end documentation for employees and independent contractors (W2/1099)

We also have tax preparers on staff who can prepare your return or we are happy to work with your tax preparer throughout the year as necessary to assist with completing your tax returns on time. Imagine no more extensions, late fees or penalties due to incomplete work!

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